Quick Guide for Self-Assessment of Family Run Organizations
The Quick Guide is for use by family-run organizations. The guide is divided into nine sections addressing important elements of family-run organization development and sustainability. Each section represents several components or characteristics of effective family-run organizations in a system of care.

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Cultural and Linguistic Competence Family Organization Assessment Instrument
Organizational self-assessment is a necessary, effective, and systematic way to plan for and incorporate cultural and linguistic competency. An assessment should address the attitudes, behaviors, policies, structures and practices of an organization, including those of its board, staff, and volunteers.

While there are many tools and instruments to assess organizational cultural and linguistic competence, none has been specifically developed to address the unique functions of family organizations concerned with children and youth with behavioral-emotional disorders, special health care needs, and disabilities. The Cultural and Linguistic Competence Family Organization Assessment Instrument (CLCFOA) was developed to fill this void. The CLCFOA is intended to support family organizations to: (1) plan for and incorporate culturally and linguistically competent policies, structures, and practices in all aspects of their work; (2) enhance the quality of services and supports they deliver within culturally diverse and underserved communities; and (3) promote cultural and linguistic competence as an essential approach in the elimination of disparities and the promotion of equity.

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Strategic Planning Process
The strategic planning process allows your organization to build commitment among key stakeholders and provides a road map for organizational direction. As a rule, most strategic plans are reviewed and updated every three to five years. The task of developing a strategic plan may seem a bit overwhelming; however, by adopting a step-by-step approach and using basic assessment and planning tools, your organization can create an effective strategic plan to help you reach your organizational goals.

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