George Fleming

George’s community involvement is rooted in making a difference throughout the Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. George is an Outreach Specialist/Trainer with Allegheny Family Network and has been a driving force behind the growth of the Father Involved Now Program, engaging men who are socially disconnected to reconnect them with their children and society. He is dedicated to serving men and fathers and restoring them as valuable contributors to their children, families, and community. He’s also deeply, involved in restoring men who are incarcerated, have been abusive to their partners or dealing with various mental health issues. He was instrumental in planting the seeds for the fatherhood movement in Western Pennsylvania and is presently, cultivating those seeds as part of the statewide Symposium Organizing Committee; the Pennsylvania Fathers, Families, and Service Providers Network; Pennsylvania Commission on Greater Father Family Involvement; and the Pennsylvania Office of Child Support Enforcement Parent’s Advisory Board. In 2016, he founded The Father’s Touch, a nonprofit 501c3 organization birthed from the years and passion working with men and families. George has mentored countless numbers of men, children and families throughout his professional career as a faithful community servant to all who entered his space. His greatest mentoring tool has been the example he has set by walking in faith and demonstrating the power of love.