Membership Application

  • We are so excited that you are joining FREDLA! Once you have identified which level of membership that best fits you or your organization, follow the steps below to complete the application process. We look forward to having you as a part of the FREDLA team!


    1. Complete the FREDLA Membership form. (Incomplete applications will be returned for completion)
    2. Upload the following documents:
    - IRS Letter indicating 501c3 status
    - Board list including officers and family members
    - Brochure from the organization
    3. Read and agree to the terms outlined in the FREDLA Rules and Rights for Materials Posted on Members Only Section. (Passwords will be issued to members upon membership approval.)

    The completed and signed application, along with the uploaded documents and agreement, will be sent electronically to FREDLA for review. Eligibility for membership will be reviewed and approved. If all eligibility requirements are met for the identified membership level, the applicant will receive:
    - Email notification of approval of their membership
    - A link to the FREDLA payment page to pay membership dues
    - A unique password allowing them access the FREDLA Members Only section on the website (upon receipt of membership dues)

  • Please complete all areas of this application and upload requested documents for review by FREDLA.

  • Membership Categories – Descriptions:

    Core Member
    - The organization’s mission and focus includes children’s emotional, behavioral and/or mental
    health and the SAMSHA definition for a “family run” organization.
    - The organization must be designated as a 501c3 organization
    - The executive director must be a paid position and must serve full time, or if the position isnot full time, the other employment must not be in conflict with the personal commitment to the goals of FREDLA
    - The executive director of the member organization must be a family member who is or has been the parent or primary caregiver of a child with emotional, behavioral or mental health needs.
    - The executive director must demonstrate a strong personal commitment to the goals of FREDLA.

    Emerging Organizations
    A system of care site or group working to establish a family-run organization but not yet incorporated.

    Leadership Affiliate
    Individuals who have previously been a member of FREDLA or previously served as the
    Executive Director of a Family-Run Organization but are no longer working for a Family
    Run Organization

    Individuals in key leadership roles within a Family-Run Organization such as Board
    members or other leadership positions – not the Executive Director
    Open to organizations who also have a Core Membership

    Group/Individual Affiliate
    Organizations that do not meet other membership categories and support the
    mission of FREDLA and family-run organizations

  • Please complete the appropriate section for the level of membership you have requested.

  • Core, Emerging, Leadership and Individual Membership:

  • Group/Individual Affiliate:

  • May choose more than one

  • - IRS Letter indicating 501c3 status
    - Board list including officers and notation of family members on Board
    - Brochure from the organization
    Drop files here or

  • Rules and Rights for Materials Posted on Members Only Section of FREDLA Website

    The purpose of the FREDLA website “Members Only” section is to facilitate the sharing of original work created by FREDLA members with other members. These materials are available only to those who are current, paid members who have the page password issued to them. In an effort to respect the work of FREDLA members, the following Rules and Rights have been developed to protect members and their original materials. These Rules and Rights apply to all materials posted on the FREDLA website Members Only section:

    1. Materials: Original materials created, authored or developed by the FREDLA members include documents, forms, products, curriculum, art and policies.

    2. Permission to Post: FREDLA members may share original materials on the FREDLA Members Only section by signing an agreement granting FREDLA permission to post materials according to the Rules and Rights outlined below.

    3. Ownership: The family organization that created, authored or developed the materials is considered to be the owner of the work posted on the Members Only section. FREDLA does not own the materials posted, other than those developed by FREDLA. FREDLA does not have the right to grant permission for others to use materials posted. Permission to use materials can only be granted by the owner.

    4. Password Protected: FREDLA members must have a password to access materials. The password is assigned when members have paid membership dues for the current year. FREDLA members may not share the password issued to them or any of the materials they access through the Members Only section.

    5. Copyright Protected: All materials contained on the Members Only section are protected by copyright laws, and may not be republished, distributed, digitally transmitted or posted online, displayed, broadcast or otherwise exploited in any manner without the express prior written permission of the author/creator.

    6. Allowable Use of Materials: Materials may be downloaded from the Members Only section for the following purposes:
    a. Educational, scholarly, and research uses, or
    b. Use by the member family-run organization for governance, organizational development, training or public awareness or education
    c. Use of materials is single use only – only the FREDLA member may use materials for their own organization. Materials may not be forwarded or disseminated in any way to those outside of the member organization.

    7. Disallowable Use of Materials: Materials may not be used for the following purposes:
    a. Commercial activity or profit by the organization or personal profit is forbidden
    b. FREDLA member may not forward or disseminate materials from the Members Only section
    c. Materials may not be used in publications, journals or presentations without permission of the owner.
    d. Disallowable use applies to the entire work, as well as excerpts or sections of the original work.

    8. Permission: If a FREDLA member wants to use materials posted on the Members Only section within the rules and rights described, the FREDLA member must inform the owner of the materials and request permission in writing to use the materials. The owner of the materials has the right to grant or refuse permission to use the materials broadly for training or presentations or publications.

    9. Acknowledgement of Ownership: The owner of the materials has the right to request that acknowledgement of ownership be included when materials are used, duplicated or disseminated either in writing or verbally.

    10. Breach of Rules and Rights: Any breach of the Rules and Rights described will result in the FREDLA member having access to the Members Only section discontinued.

    My signature below indicates agreement to abide by the terms and conditions contained within the Rules and Rights for Materials Posted on the Members Only Page.