National Center for Cultural Competence Self-Assessments

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An Overview of Multicultural Issues in Children’s Mental Health
Disparities in for diverse communities are well documented. Several studies and landmark reports have systematically highlighted the barriers to treatment communities of color face and the lack of quality of care they receive once they access care. This document will explore and summarize disparities in access and quality issues in children’s mental health for four racial- and ethnic-group: African American, Asian American, Latino/Hispanic American, and American Indian/Alaska Native.

We realize that these designations fail to capture the diversity and richness within each group in terms of country of origin; migration history to the United States, whether freely made or forced; the resettlement process; and a range of current experiences of discrimination, socioeconomic status, and ethnic identity across generations. All of these differences have important implications in the real or perceived stigma, barriers, recognition, and treatment of serious emotional or mental problems.

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PLACE MATTERS Addresses Social, Economic and Environmental Conditions
PLACE MATTERS is a national initiative designed to build the capacity of leaders and communities to identify and address social, economic, and environmental conditions that shape health and life opportunities. Begun in 2006, 19 PLACE MATTERS teams now work in 27 jurisdictions around the country to raise awareness of the fact that the spaces and places where people live, work, study, and play directly and indirectly affect health, and to improve these conditions through policy and systems change. In particular, because of persistent segregation in schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces, the spaces occupied by people of color tend to host a higher concentration of health risks relative to wealthier and whiter communities, while lacking geographic and financial access to health-enhancing resources.

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