FREDLA’s Mission:
To build strong, sustainable family-run organizations and together influence policy and practice to support children and families.

FREDLA’s Purpose:
The Family Run Executive Director Leadership Association (FREDLA) serves as the national representative and advocate for family-run organizations and their executive directors, and supports effective stewardship of family-run organizations. FREDLA informs its members on current and emerging policy issues, provides education on research and other program findings and best practices, provides or facilitates professional development opportunities and other consultation and technical assistance, collaborate with stakeholders and facilitates peer-to-peer sharing across member family-run organizations.

Projects, Grants and Funding

FREDLA is involved in a variety of projects and partnerships that support its mission and membership, and the organization receives federal, state and private funding as well as donations and membership dues to accomplish its work.

FREDLA offers the following services:

-Resource development, training and technical assistance on topics related to family engagement, systems of care, parent peer support, capacity building and more

-Training curricula for leadership, Board development, and topics of specific interest to family-run organizations

-Publications to inform the field and support the work of family-run organizations across the nation

-Facilitation of peer to peer learning and partnership opportunities for family-run organizations

-Acts as a liaison for family-run organizations with SAMHSA, NASMHPD and other federal entities

-Data collection and research regarding the activities and services of family-run organizations

-Technical assistance at the individual organization, state and national levels


FREDLA Funders (this list includes current and former funding sources):

-The National Training & Technical Assistance Center for Children's Behavioral Health, operated by the University of Maryland School of Social Work, under a contract with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). (FREDLA acts as the Family Engagement Hub for the Network, providing resources, training, and technical assistance to federally funded System of Care communities/states and non-funded communities/states)

-Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

-Center for Social Innovation/BRSS TACS

-Center for Applied Research Strategies (CARS)

-Individual states, communities and organizations

-Membership Dues