Starting the Conversation: College and Your Mental Health

Attending college is an important achievement and exciting time in life. You will gain greater independence, meet new people and have new and memorable experiences. It is a time of significant transition, which can be both positive and challenging. For some, the stress of college may impact mental health, making it difficult to manage the daily demands of school. In fact, did you know as many as one in five students experiences a mental health condition while in college?

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A Strategic Primer of College Student Mental Health

We want students to learn and grow during college. Parents, employers, and the public expect that college graduates will have acquired knowledge and certain qualities, skills, and abilities, including cognitive, career, and practical compe­tencies. They will demonstrate competency in critical thinking, communication, teamwork, resiliency, and problem solving. They will be committed to personal and social responsibility, intercultural competency, and civic engagement, and possess the ability to apply learning across multiple fields and in many dimensions (Association of American Colleges and Uni­versities 2007). A graduate who has developed those qualities is ready for success in life and work.

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Student Guide to Surviving Stress and Anxiety in College & Beyond

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Mental Health and Wellbeing for College Students

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